Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just to remind you! Don´t be disappointed if I am not in the studio, if you drop by unannonced, during January. I am working on different projects and can not promise to be on Nordenskiöldsgatan daily. But as always: you can send me an e-mail, call me or reach me on my blogg!
+46 708 988895


I found an old picture. It is taken by me, spring 2008. I am standing in my studio looking out. Must have been the same day I got the keys. Cause I can se the "for sale sign" is still in the window. I was so proud. "My own gallery, I can do what ever I want with this space"

18 months later I feel even more proud of myself. I don´t know where it came from... but I am so happy it did come. What?! The courage of course. The courage to just drop everything else and focus on what I really wanted. My own space!

Fun detail for you who know a bit about how much time I put into REMOVING it. The blue, stinky, floor. Juck!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Röhsska Museets Konstslöjdsalong 2010"

OK, here is all the info you need on "Röhsska Museets Konstslöjdsalong 2010" where you can have a look at my "concrete cakes".

Vernissage, 1 pm, February 6th, 2010

Opening hours:
Tuesdays, 12 - 20
Wednesdays - Fridays, 12 - 17
Saturdays - Sundays, 11 - 17

February 6th - May 9th

Camilla Engman

This wonderful woman gives me so much inspiration! Just before X-mas I met her in person for the very first time. Pure joy! She and her dog "Morran" came by my studio to deliver the books I bought from her. The book is fantastic, the blogg is amazing, the webshop is briliant, her work is inspiering. What a woman! We had a good talk and my favourite part was "We will see each other again I am sure" Not me. She said it to me! Jiipiee! I am thinking new friendship!

Monday, January 18, 2010

As promised

With frames! As promised.

Bad spelling

I am sorry my English is not always very good. I just wanted more people to be able to read the things I write, since half my family does not speak Swedish. If you can´t stand my "Swenglish" you just have to quit this blogg. I can promise you it will continue to be filled with BAD SPELLING. Love to you all!

PS. I never understand why people chose to be anonymous...

Soon to be fantastic!

I have a big (120x100 cm) painting waiting for me in studio. It just needs to dry before I continue putting colours on it.  But I have a picture of the end result in my head. Soon to be fantastic. I promise!


Last night I went to se Jenny Wilson and the Tensta Gospel Choir at Lorensbergsteatern. Wow! Fantastic! She made the hole theater stand on their feet and sing along. Magic!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


And today I will put them in frames! I will get back to you with some nice pictures of the result. Give me a couple of hours...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Waiting for the paint to dry

The paint is still wet but I allready know these ones will look fantastic when they are framed!

Where is the dog?

Couldn´t find my dog! Almost paniced. "Did I leave the front door open?" When I looked a bit closer I found her fast asleep. Not on the couch. More like IN the couch. Her new favourit spot!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Going to museum shops is one of my secret hobbies. I like to get fun, beautiful, inspiering postcards. For years and years I just kept them in a box. Until now. I picked out a few and stuck them around our bedroom door. Next week I might show a totaly different collection...

The one with the balls I got at MOMA in San Francisco and the one with the violets I got from my grandmother Elsa. She has a box of cards, just like me. Or: me like her. Of course I got the "collecting cards from museums" from her. And I did not steal the card from her box, she let me have the ones I liked. Just like grandmothers are supposed to do!


Jenny! The roses you gave us on New Years Eve are still looking amazing! More than two weeks later they still put a smile on my face. Thank you!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I´m in love with a bag and a dress!

I have to admit it. I am in love! With a bag and a dress. I think the biggest reason for my passion is "custom made". Carina took my measures and let me pick the fabric and Ann Louise just called to invite me over to her studio to make sure the bag, she is making for me, has the right size and length for my body. Handmade, just for me! I love it! And the girls. And the fantastic things they make.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am working on lots of exiting projects right now. Will make sure to let you know dates, times and all that stuff in a couple of weeks. Right now my focus is on getting everything ready for the "konstslöjdsalong" at Röhsska Museum of Design in Gothenburg, Sweden. The show starts on February 6th and ends May 9th.

On Saturday I will deliver my "prinsesstårtor i betong" to the museum. (concrete cakes, shaped as Swedish pastry) The staff will put everything together and open the show to the public on February 6:th. Please come by if you can!

You can allways call or e-mail me if you want to see me in the studio. At the moment I don´t have any set opening hours. Tomorrow I will be there working on Johans 20 little paintings. I also have a date with favourite customer Jonna at 3 pm. Feel free to drop by!


If you don´t have a Design Torget in your town you can get the "owhl necklace" from my webshop! All you have to do is decide if you like to have a yellow, pink, red, rust, mintgreen, lilac or blue porcelain owhl. If you order one (or as many as you like) this week the freight is on me!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The webshop

Jiipiiee! I am so happy. Thank you for using my webshop. Now I know everything is working just fine and will start shipping stuff to my brave, fantastic buyers. During February I will make sure the shop fills upp with more of the things I produce and design. Please drop by and check it out. Just klick on the word WEBSHOP on your right or go straight to:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wintergallery at Blomstermåla

I am sitting with my calender, filling in all the fun stuff I have planned for spring 2010. For example: I have been invited to show my art at "The Wintergallery at Blomstermåla" in the middle of February. I feel so honored! Off course I will give you all the info: poster, flyer, time and dates in a couple of weeks. But just look at the beautiful building, right next to the ocean in lovely Särö, Sweden.

Swedish ABC

You do know the easiest way to buy my ABC-poster? Don´t you? Just click on my WEBSHOP link on the right. If you live in Sweden, the fright is on me. You just pay SEK 500 and the numbered, signed poster will be yours!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So many ways

Think outside the box! A painting can be so much more then just something to hang on your wall. I just got a reorder on the twenty, 25x25 cm, paintings I made last spring. It is Johan again! Instead of giving his clients a diploma after participating in his class he gives them a beautiful, framed word, made by me. A wonderful example of different thinking!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friends and customers

Still really cold in Gothenburg but I just had to ckeck out my new concretecakes. The concrete acts a bit different in the wintertime. Takes longer for it to set in the cold. One on the beautiful dishes cracked. I hope a day or two in my warm studio will dry the cakes and make them easier to remove from their forms. I guess my aunts cold basement was not the best spot for them to be...

Made a quick stop at the studio today as well. Some of my favourite clients texted me and asked if it was possible to swing by. Off course it was! I love when customers become friends and friends become customers. After a nice talk today I would not be surprised if customers, who have become friends could even turn into partners in a project ... or two! So much good things will happen this year! I can´t wait. Love it!


They fill my home with the loveliest scent!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Loving the snow!

Tomorrow "Pricken" turns 6 months old! This is her firs winter. Everything is her first ... snow, wild rabbits, meatballs. Today she met a goat in Delsjön. She gave me a look saing "What the f--k is that?!"

Colourful dishes

Just thought of something! Washing up is so much more fun when you have colourful dishes!

Angles and corners

I live in an old apartment. The house was built around 1920. I love all the crazy corners and angels of the living space. But I do have to admit it gets a bit cold in here in the wintertime. The windows are old as well, specially the ones in my kitchen. Old and beautiful. I have so many inspiering details in here. Just look at this window. Almost like ice!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Slowing down - a way of speading up

I have the best aunts and uncles! My mother have two sisters and my father have two brothers. Since we all live in different parts of the world (Usually one of my aunts live really close but she decided to take a year of and sail around the world - again!) we don´t see each other as much as I would like. But I would still say we are really close!

About ten years ago I took a month of and went to California to visit my family. It had been a period of working to much and I was a bit tiered and worn out. During a walk my uncle Jeff told me these very true words: "Sometimes slowing down is a way of speading up"

At the time I did not think very much of it. But since then I have many times realized how true those words are. Like now. I was working and producing so much during December and decided to take January off. Spend more time just doing nothing. Let my mind have a rest. And the funny thing is, when you slow down so many things just comes your way. Maybe it is because you are open to it when you relax and take time to listen to your needs, feelings ... and other people.

I have said it before. But I have to say it again. This will be the best year ever. Allready I have gotten two offers to show my paintings in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Jiipiiieee!

Sneak peak

I am putting together a webshop! This past year I have had so many wonderful people from different cities and countries wanting to buy the things I make. Thank you, thank you, thank you for liking my stuff! To make it easier for everyone I am opening a webshop this year. It still needs a lot of work but today I am showing you a sneak, peak, preview. Voila! I hope you will like it and use it.

So much snow

There is a soft, white, deap blanket on my town. The snow makes everything so silent and beautiful!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The first "datepainting" of 2010 has now been ordered! A proud godmother (is that the right word in Enlish?) mailed me a request. The little one was born on the 4th of January. We decided to do it in "granny smith green" with a white frame. I have not started painting it yet, but my guess is it will look a lot like this one!

The owhlfactory

I promised myself, and others, to take some time of in January. Rest. Read. Eat. Yesterday I did work a little bit on my concretecakes. At least I did it outside, breathing cool air. But the thing is ... orders from different Design Torget (three in Norway + the big one on Götgatan in Stockholm) shops have been mailing me new orders for the owhls. Don´t like to keep them waiting. So last night I went down to my studio and picked up all the stuff I need. Right now the "owhlfactory" is moved to my livingroom table!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Watching, waiting

They talk about watching paint dry being anoying. "They" don´t know how nervrecking it is to wait for concrete to dry. In three days I will know if my cakes turn out the way I would like (love) them to be!

Today is a concrete day

I can no longer let the cold and snowy ground be an excuse. Today I will go to my aunts house and bake some concretecakes! I have some lovely new shapes in my head and can´t wait to se if they are possible to make in real life as well.

Monday, January 4, 2010

"Allt i hemmet"

In the January issue of the Swedish interior design magazine "Allt i hemmet" ("Everything in your home") there is a small article about me under the title "The latest - news, trends, design". Very exiting for me! A perfect way to start the new year. I have a feeling this will be a good year or as Marit Bergman sings "This is the year it all will happen!"

You can dubble klick on the picture to make it bigger, more readable, if you know Swedish. In English it says, in a very comprimated way, "Be creative! Once you start it is hard to stop. Don´t make it hard. Just start doing things instead of just talking about them."

My inspiration

Next week my dog turns 6 months old! Did not think it was possible, but I lover her more evryday. She is so funny! Dogs do have a personality. Kind of scary if it is true what they say about how the owner looks and acts like their dogs. "Pricken" is always jumping, playing, running and making sure she gets the best spot in the middle of every crowd. Am I like that? Well, I do not have white fur allover and dots on my belly. One think is sure - she inspires me every day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Candles and flowers

Like I said I didn´t have time to put out the X-mas decorations at home. But I did have some friends over for New Years dinner. The flowers (bought some got some) and candles are still making our livingroom beautiful an smelling nice! Happy New Year - again!

My view

I was so bussy working the weeks leading up to X-mas. Never found the time to make my home "Christmasy". Kind of sad because lots of decorations can make your home feel realy warm and welcoming. Lucky enough our familiy opened their homes to us so we didn´t miss out! The good part is that if you didn´t put the decorations out there is nothing to clean away!


Spent a couple of hours in my studio today. The usual, meeting a nice customer and producing some owhl necklaces. Believe it or not Design Torget needs more! My customer bought one of the collars with charms and pearls. He is bringing it home to Mexico. I have never been there, just in California. Always wanted to go and after our talk today I want it even more. He gave me some tips on locations and I just Googled a few. Mmmmmm! San Agustinillo, not a lot of tourists and the lovely ocean. I wonder if I can find someone to watch my dog for a couple of weeks in the dark, cold, boring month of Swedish January?!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Working on a Sunday

Yes, tomorrow, Sunday I will be in my studio working. Not the hole day, but for a little while. A customer is visiting from Mexico. I am meeting him, and maybe even you, at ten!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Growing up I had lots of fantastic, creative and inspiering ladys around me. Two of my favourites are my grandmoters, mormor Anna Lisa Ekeblad in Stockholm, Sweden and grandmother Elsa Mayor in Los Angeles, USA. In very different ways they gave me inspiration in everything from how to dress, what to eat and how to put together a lovely home. Today mrs Elsa Mayor turn 90 years old. Lots of love, big hugs, happy birthday and thank you!