Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Nudie Jeans - Mayor Replica

So happy and honored that Nudie Jeans borrowed a pair of my jeans to make a replica - The Nudie Jeans Mayor Replica.

To me it is a little bit like looking at a good friend when I see the first picture. I can see how the right knee is a bit more worn out than the left. Why? Because I always put my right knee down on the floor when I paint my large, acrylic, paintings.

And those of you who asked. No, it is not my skinny legs in the pictures. That is the legs of some cool dude.

If you would like to get a pair for yourself you can go to a Nudie Jeans store, one of their resellers around the world or just go to their online store and order yourself a pair.

Thank you Nudie team for making the Mayor Replica. Such an honor to be a part of my favorite denim brand in the world. And to all of you who didn´t think I could keep a secret. Think again! Imagine I have known about this for a year and still haven´t said anything to anyone. Ha ha ha!

This is the story behind the wash:
"Jeans made in redcast power stretch indigo. Each replica has its own story. This pair of jeans has been worn for three years. 7 months before first wash, The person who created the original spent a lot of time making paintings in a studio, often kneeling on the floor. During the break in period there were also many dog walks in the wood, though this is not really visible. Anyhow, our wash team did a great job recreating the story with beautiful back knee honeycombs and front moustaches that also has some 3D effect."

The original jeans, worn by me, that Nudie made the replica based on was shipped to Italy and is still in Italy as far as I know. But this is a similar pair I wore for about the same amount of time, doing the same things - painting in my studio and walking my dog Pricken in the woods. 

And YES, these, not so skinny legs, belong to me. 

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Pioner av akvarell

Pioner i akvarell och tusch på tjockt akvarellpapper med råa kanter. 
Först akvarell. Sedan tusch. 
Bladet jag målat pionerna på mäter 56x76 centimeter och har råa kanter. Fint att bevara kanterna även om man bygger ram och passepartout lite längre fram. Självklart är bladet både signerat och stämplat. 

För mer bilder av det jag målar och skapar kan du följa mina båda konton på Instagram. Dels mayorekeblad där jag blandar ateljéjobb och privat och så mayorekebladshop för dig som inte vill ha mer fokus på det jag skapar.